Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod

Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod is a vertically-integrated producer of Murray cod,. The company’s innovative and sustainable production practices also includes an embedded traceable element which allows Aquna to undertake full traceability of their fish from pond to plate.
Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod

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Product 1: Murray Cod
Unique Selling Proposition
* Iconic native freshwater fish, Murray cod is one of the world’s largest freshwater fish.
* Murray cod are large fish, with saleable adult fish regularly reaching 3-4kg+. They have small eyes and a short snout, which has a distinct concave profile
* Cream to olive green colour with dark grey to greenish blotches over the head and body. The ventral surface (belly) is generally white in.
* Aquna currently sell their Murray cod to high-end restaurants all around Australia
* FDA accreditation for exports into for the USA. Meets licensing and other accreditation requirements for markets around the world.
TemperatureChilled & Frozen
Range of flavour/varietyFresh Chilled Fish (whole), Processed Frozen, Processed Smoked
Shelf life14 days for chilled (from harvest)
Package/Lot size and size ranges16kg (whole fish)/box, 19kg (gilled & gutted)/box
Indicative PricingNegotiation
Minimum order quantityNegotiation