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Product1: Ausbarrel Balsamic Vinegar
Unique Selling Proposition
Australian Balsamic with natural fruits varieties first launched in 2015
Distributed by the agents Australian wide
USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia etc
Unique balsamic vinegar 100% market share inAustralia
Sachet products new to Japan
Varios cooking recipes on our Web
TemperatureShelf stable
Range of flavour/varietyApple, pear, orange, lemon fig etc all natural ingredients
Shelf lifeVinegar has a long shelf life displayed as 2 years
Package/Lot size and size ranges250ml bottle, 1 Litre and 5 Litre food service container
Carton size and pallet configulation250ml bottle X 24 bottles X 60 carton one the export pallet
Indicative PricingFOB Price will be quoted upon receipt of the purchase qty
Minimum order quantity2 pallets - 4 pallets depend on the product



Pruduct 2: Australia Black Truffle
Unique Selling Proposition
Australian winter truffle avilable June - August
Restaurants, hotels and On line delivery
USA, UK, France, Singapore and other
High quality fresh truffle market share 100%
gradually increasing sales last 7 years
Truffle production changes each year with the climate conditions
TemperatureChilled storage
Range of flavour/varietyFrench Perigold truffle
Shelf lifeUpto 7 days
Package/Lot size and size rangesunder 25g, 25g-35g whole and Cut pieces
Carton size and pallet configulation500g vacuum pack bags X 10 bags with coolant in export carton
Indicative PricingPrice changes depend on the supply each year
Minimum order quantity5kg export carton by air



Product 3: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Unique Selling Proposition
Family owned Olive farm located in the undistubed hills
Selling to the local market
Small qty exported by local exporters
Still small but creative
Australian organic certification
New to Japan
Considering other value added olive products
TemperatureShelf life stable in dark cool storage
Range of flavour/varietyFrantoio, Manzanilo, Picual and blend
Shelf life24 months
Package/Lot size and size ranges250ml and 500ml bottle 2 Litre, 10 Litre, 20 Litre food service package
Carton size and pallet configulation250ml bottle X 24 bottles X 90 cartons per pallet
Indicative PricingRetail $ 10 - $ 15 per 250ml bottle
Minimum order quantity1 pallet
Notes マラウイ―二 オリーブオイル バージン グリーン オリーブオイル オースバレル バルサミコ フルーツ各種 オークヒル 黒トリュフ

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