Belehris Estates

Belehris Estates is a family owned and operated company that produces Premium-Quality Australian Almonds. All growing, processing and marketing operations are overseen by the company's founders, which ensures an exceptional standard of product quality each and every season.
Belehris Estates
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Product 1: Belehris Estates ALMONDS
Unique Selling Proposition
Belehris Estates is a family owned and operated company, in which all growing and processing aspects are overseen by the owners.
South Australia and Tasmania
Currently exporting to China, Vietnam, and Thailand
HACCP Accreditation and currently in process of attaining
ACO Organic Accreditation
New to Japan
Almonds are grown pesticide free, unpasturised and non-fumigated -- and have been since the company's inception in 1997. Belehris Estates' almonds are used in various value-added products in the Australian domestic market, such as nougat, luxury chocolate-coated bites, health mixes and more. If these forms are of interest to potential buyers, Belehris Estates are able to supply these products.
Temperature5-10°C in cool, dry conditions
Range of flavour/varietyPremium Almond Kernels in Non-Pareil, Price and Carmel varieties
Shelf life18 months from month of packing
Package/Lot size and size ranges 12.5kg (net) cartons
Carton size and pallet configulationCarton size = (L)43cm*(W)29cm*(H)18cm
Pallet dimensions = (L)115cm*(W)115cm*(H)150cm
Indicative PricingCurrently $7-8kg/AUD
Minimum order quantity1 pallet
Jim Belehris
Jim Belehris is the founder of Belehris Estates, which he began in 1997 by hand-planting every singly almond tree, in every orchard. Today, Jim is highly involved in all of the growing, processing and marketing operations within the company, to ensure the final product delivered to the customer is exceptional.
Nina Belehris
Nina Belehris co-founded Belehris Estates with her husband, Jim in 1997. by establishing the administrative aspects of the company. Today, Nina is highly involved with processing and marketing operations, whether this be by monitoring the packing facility, or receiving and arranging delivery for both domestic and international orders.
Koula Belehris
Koula Belehris is the daughter of founders Jim and Nina Belehris, and is responsible for many marketing responsibilities, particularly online marketing. This typically involves website management and social media promotion to establish and maintain Belehris Estates' online presence.