EAT Truffle

Fresh Black Truffles Tuber melanosporum harvested mid-June to late August at farms belonging to members of a truffle cooperative and available for export to northern hemisphere in their off season. Truffle grading according to UN standards and we can offer you premium fresh truffles when others are out of season.
EAT Truffle
Establishment year: 2017
Employees: 20

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Product 1: Fresh Black Winter Truffle
Unique Selling Proposition
* Our truffles are grown in the cool, pristine environment of the NSW southern highlands region that has a very similar climate and growing conditions to the traditional truffle areas of Europe. This produces a truffle with an intense flavour and aroma.
* Harvested mid-June to late August from members of a truffle cooperative
* Currently exporting to Middle East
* New export to Japan from EAT Truffle co-operative
* Grading is based on UN standards
TemperatureChilled (Fresh produce grown under optimal climatic conditions)
Range of flavour/varietyExtra class, 1st class, 2nd class
Shelf life3 weeks
Package/Lot size and size rangesVarious sizes
Carton size and pallet configuration10kg produce in 20 kg chilled packages
Indicative PricingFOB at A$1500/kg for 1st Class truffle
Minimum order quantity1 package
NotesPerishable product requiring constant chilling during transit
Business location has not been defined
Derk Groot Obbink
Director and CEO
Member of a team of 5 Directors managing a co-operative of 22 member growers with farms located on tablelands of Eastern Australia.
Tricia Kwast
Director and treasurer
Carmine di Campli
Director and secretary
Wayne Haslam
Richard Austen