Ocean Pacific Seafoods

Exporting Spanner Crab, Scallop, Prawns, Bugs, Fish. The purpose built factory completed in 1998 at the Port of Bundaberg on the Burnett Rive boasts a state-of-the-art processing facility. Our customer in Australia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Japan and Thailand, have made Spanner crab part of international cuisine over the last 20 years.
Ocean Pacific Seafoods

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Product 1: Live Spanner Crab (Ranina Ranina)
Unique Selling Proposition
*Spanner Crab is easily recognisable by its frog-like appearance and bright red colour.
* Males grow to about 15cm shell breath, while females grow to about 11.5cm shell breadth.
* Spanner crabs are fished in commercial quantities from central Queensland to northern New South Wales. Their natural habitat is the clean pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.
* Accreditation: HACCP, SafeFood Qld
* Exporting to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore
TemperatureUntil ready to cook, place in a container, cover with damp paper or cloth and keep refrigerated (optimum 5°C).
Shelf lifeShould be consumed as soon as possible after purchase.
Package/Lot size and size rangesLive in 11kg styros
Indicative PricingNegotiation
Minimum order quantityAV Container


Product 2: Spanner Crab Meat (Ranina Ranina)
Unique Selling Proposition
* Spanner Crab Meat, raw or cooked in the bag, blast frozen in a convenient 500gr bag.
* All the goodness and taste sealed in the bag.
* exporting to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore
* Accreditation: HACCP, SafeFood QLD
TemperatureStore at below -18 °C.
Shelf lifeOnce thawed product must be kept under refrigeration. Product can be stored up to 2 days once thawed
Package/Lot size and size ranges500gr bag
Carton size and pallet configulation4kg cartons
Indicative PricingNegotiation


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