Limestone Coast Fishermen's Co-operative Limited

The Limestone Coast Fishermen’s Co-operative Limited (LCFC) is proudly owned and operated by local fishing families in the South East of South Australia and is a processor and exporter of premium quality Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii). The LCFC has established live Lobster holding facilities in Port MacDonnell and Beachport (South Australia) .
Limestone Coast Fishermen's Co-operative Limited

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Product 1: Australian Southern Rock Lobster
Unique Selling Proposition
* The LCFC’s Members catch and supply premium Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii) wild-caught in the cold, clean waters of the Southern Ocean.
* Known as the ‘Finest in the World’, and renowned for its imposing appearance, the Southern Rock Lobster is a cold-water spiny lobster prized for its firm, sweet flesh and delicate flavour.
* Exporting to China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan
* Market share in Australia: 23% (last season)
* Majority of our supplying Members are Clean Green Certified
* Our fishermen operate out of the seven ports along the Limestone Coast including Cape Jaffa, Robe, Beachport, Southend, Blackfellows Caves, Carpenter Rocks and Port MacDonnell.
Range of flavour/varietyCan be supplied in Live, Cooked Fresh/Frozen or Green Frozen product forms.
Shelf lifeCooked fresh: 4 Days, cooked frozen: 6 months, frozen green: 6 months
Package/Lot size and size rangesLive Product is packed insulted (ventilated) foam boxes (12kg)
Indicative PricingNegotiation
Minimum order quantity500kg