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Our ambition is to create high quality, authentic and accessible Australian spirit brands that in their own distinctive way embody an unmistakably Aussie taste and attitude.
Top Shelf International
Establishment year: 2014
Employees: 60

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Product 1: WHISKY
Unique Selling Proposition
First, we select only the finest Australian grain to mash and ferment using a proprietary process that takes the best of single malt production and combines it with sour mash techniques to create a spirit that is fiercely independent and unlike anything that has come before it.

And Melbourne’s climate provides the perfect stage, its temperature variations across all seasons encouraging the whisky to move slowly in and out of the oak, drawing the mellowness from the barrel as it does.

Aged in second fill oak, our Australian whisky is finished in new heavily-charred oak until it has its signature boldness and character.
Selling at Dan Murphy's Marketplace, Independent Liquor chains in Australia
Exporting to China
Market Share: <1% current domestic share
Best selling Australian Whisky on Dan Murphy's Marketplace
New to Japan
Properitary process using the best of single malt production, combined with sour mash techniques
TemperatureShelf Stable
Range of flavour/varietyBold, mellow and rich
Shelf lifeN/A
Package/Lot size and size ranges700mL
Carton size and pallet configuration6 per carton, 96 cartons per pallet
Indicative Pricing$210 per carton AUD
Minimum order quantity1 pallet



Product 2: VODKA
Unique Selling Proposition
Australian Grains are packed with character. We copper pit distill them for maximum flavour — crafting by hand, guided by taste. From the silo to the serve, it's vodka the Australian way!
Selling at high profile bars and independent liquor stores in Australia
Exporting to China, Taiwan
Market Share: <1% current domestic share
Bronze Australian Distilled Spirits Awards
New to Japan
Three types of Vodka: Smooth & Sweet Corn, Citrusy and Crisp Wheat and Powerful and Spicy Rye
TemperatureShelf Stable
Range of flavour/varietyCorn Vodka, Wheat Vodka, Rye Vodka
Shelf lifeN/A
Package/Lot size and size ranges750mL
Carton size and pallet configuration6 per carton, 96 per pallet
Indicative Pricing$108 AUD per carton
Minimum order quantity1 pallet