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Simplot is one of the largest food manufactures in Australia, brings product from farm to plate across retail and food service. With 6 large manufacturing sites and a farming division we have the supply chain to deliver Australia's most loved food.
Simplot Australia
Establishment year: 1995
Employees: 3000

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PRODUCT 1: Edgell Plant Based Meat
Unique Selling Proposition
* Edgell Plant Based is a delicious plant-based meat alternative that delivers superior taste and texture and is designed to cook and use just like traditional animal meat.
* We have a flexible supply chain that supports entry into new markets of our plant-based meat alternatives products.
* We export to all over Asia including Japan with our Edgell brand frozen vegetables.
* We have 7 years experience in the plant-based protein category which is in huge growth in Australia and all over Asia.
* Selling at Coles Supermarkets and restaurants in Australia
* #2 brand in Coles frozen plant based in 1st year
* New to Japan
Range of flavour/varietyEdgell: Chicken Style Strips, Bergers, Mince, Meatballs, Chicken Style Tenders
Shelf life12-13 months
Package/Lot size and size rangesThe retail products are in 300g packages and the Food Service products come in a 1kg box. Possible to amend these sizes to suit requirements in the Japanese market
Carton size and pallet configurationRetail products: 6 units per carton, 96 cartons per pallet
Indicative PricingRetail products sell for $6.50 in Coles
Minimum order quantityThere is no MOQ except the need to consider shipping into Japan of frozen products and that ideally this would be an FCL reefer container.
NotesProduct details available at the links below;


PRODUCT 2: Leggo's Sauces
Unique Selling Proposition
* Leggo's has been a part of Australian cuisine since 1894.
Leggo's is our Italian foods range which includes rich tomato sauces, pasta, tomato paste, pesto and pasta bakes.
Leggo's is renowned for teaching Australians how to cook simple, authentic Italian food.
* Selling at Coles, Woolworths and other mainstream supermarkets and used in Food service in Australia
* We export to all over Asia including mainland China, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia.
* Top brand in the pasta and pizza sauce category for years.
* Leggos Organic range won 2022 Product of the Year (Sauce and Mayo category)
* New to Japan
* Made in Australia. Leggos products are proudly made from Australian grown tomatoes and premium ingredients
TemperatureShelf stable
Range of flavour/variety• Leggos Organic x 3
• Alfredo
• Carbonara
• Bolognese
• Bolognese with bacon
• Napoletana
• Bolognese with mushroom
• Pasta Bakes – Creamy Pesto, Tuna Bake, Creamy Tomato & Mozz, Three Cheese, Lasagne, Potato Bake
• Stir Through – Sundried Tom, Roasted Veg, Tomato & Roasted Garlic
• Pesto – basil, sundried tom
• Passata – Classic, Italian herbs
• Paste – 400g squeeze paste, 400g squeeze pizza sauce, 200g sachets, 140g tubs
Shelf life720 days, 1080 days, 1800 days
Package/Lot size and size ranges190g, 490g, 500g
Carton size and pallet configurationVaries on SKUs. 6 or 8 units per carton. 204 or 468 cartons per pallet
Indicative PricingRetail products sell for $3.3 to $4.85 (organic range) in Coles
Minimum order quantityIdeally to be 1 FCL but MOQ negotiable.
NotesProduct details are available at the link below;
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